Plan Server Configration
You should choose the configuration of the server according to how many existing customers you currently have and how many new customers you are planning to sell cPanel to. Suppose, if you have 100 old customers, accordingly, if you want to provide an average space of 5 GB in each cPanel, then at least 500 GB of space is required for the total 100 customers, and at least 500 GB for new customers. So according to this you should take at least 1 TB or 2 TB server. You can take this as per your planning.
Own Server & Start Selling
Start your own server and sell hosting for lifetime, and enjoy a fixed income. We provide you unlimited cPanel hosting, with the help of which you can provide cloud based hosting to unlimited clients. With this, you can avail countless benefits by selling the plan as per your requirement. If today you are looking for a fixed income business, then this option will be best for you. This is a fixed income business model, in which all the clients to whom you sell cPanel remain your customers forever and keep paying you fixed renewal charges.
Perfect Hosting Support
You will not face any problem regarding server support. We will provide you with better support to keep WHM software and cPanel functional.<br />Our company takes full care of all the important steps related to the operation of WHM and cPanel. You will automatically handle website designing, operation and other support for your customers. We will fully support you in maintaining the smooth functioning and quality of cPanel. Will keep giving you updated advice on important guidelines related to hosting.
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WHM, cPanel Server is the best server with the help of which you can easily host your and your clients websites. We provide very powerful software.

  • WHM & cPanel Software
  • WHM Reseller Panel
  • SSL Certificate
  • Malware Scanner
  • Net Booster & More
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The Best Solutions for BestBusiness Services Solutions

Now the time has come to install your own hosting server, install your own hosting now and enjoy fast hosting for life time.

1 TB Hosting Server
1 TB Hosting Server
cPanel Hosting, Web Space : 1 TB, Ram Space : 16 GB, Unlimited cPanel License, WHM Root Panel
2 TB Hosting Server
2 TB Hosting Server
cPanel Hosting, Web Space : 2 TB, Ram Space : 24 GB, Unlimited cPanel License, WHM Root Panel
4 TB Hosting Server
4 TB Hosting Server
cPanel Hosting, Web Space : 4 TB, Ram Space : 28 GB, Unlimited cPanel License, WHM Root Panel
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We have Twenty years of expertise in server installation, software installation and various related works.

You will keep getting new updates related to the server from us. Due to which you will always be updated.
Idea Generate
You will be given all the best ideas related to how you can use your hosting in a better way, what better steps you can take in this.
We help you choose the best server as per your usage and your budget.
Success Business
Now sell your own hosting like a hosting company and get regular income like a successful business.