How to Create Reseller Panel by WHM Root Panel

Step -1

Login to Root Panel by your Ip:2087 or

Login by root access

Step – 2

Click on List Accounts Section

Step – 3

Click on Create a New Account Button

Step – 4

Fill-up required details as domain name, user name, password, email id, and if you already create any package kindly select other wise kindly click on Select Options Manually box.

Step – 5

Provided uses limit as per your plan.

Step – 5

Select Alpha Reseller Plan in Grant Reseller Privileges section

After that kindly fill-up all limit as per your plan

Enter cPanel – Limit in Number

WHM Accounts – Enter in Number

Master Reseller Accounts – 0 Number. If you want your reseller to make someone a reseller, then you can give them a limit there too.

Select the Shell Access and CGI Access boxes to grant access to the WHM panel.

After kindly click on Create Button then your Reseller Panel will be created.