Jetbackup5 Software for Unlimited cPanel


Jetbackup5 Software for Unlimited cPanel

Original price was: ₹7,298.00.Current price is: ₹4,379.00.


Valid – 1 Year

Use Limit – Unlimited cPanel

Specification of JetBackup 5

Versatile Backup Configurations

Configure complex schedules across multiple supported destinations and choose specific backup items, such as emails and databases, to backup. Extend your JetBackup 5 experience through custom hooks and utilizing our API.

Priority System

The Priority Systems ensures parent accounts are restored before child accounts. Also admins can set priorities based on groups and account tags. Optimize your jobs to ensure bigger workloads run during off-peak hours.

Concurrent Tasks

With the switch from cron-based to service-based task processing, JetBackup 5 now lets you process backups and restores in parallel for up to 10 concurrent backups and / or restores! You no long have to wait for a cron job to trigger.

Resource Settings

Set CPU and IO resource limits via CGROUPS and limit processes directly at the kernel level, removing the need to utilize virtual wrapper environments. Allocate the appropriate resources to JetBackup.

Integrity Check Tool

This tool allows JetBackup 5 to automatically verify the integrity of backups in the destination and seamlessly self-correct and upload a fixed backup on the next scheduled backup job if the tool finds any missing files/object(s).


Configure multiple notification services to get daily and/or real-time status updates for your backup jobs and restores. Fine tune the level of notifications you receive to get the appropriate updates.


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