Softaculous Software for Unlimited cPanel


Softaculous Software for Unlimited cPanel

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Valid – 1 Year

Uses Limit – Unlimited cPanel



Softaculous Cloud Software

Valid – 1 Year

Uses Limit Unlimited cPanel

Softaculous Cloud is a hosted panel where you can bulk manage your WordPress websites from one single dashboard irrespective where the sites are hosted.

One Click Apply changes like Plugins, Themes, Posts, Upgrade Settings, WordPress Configuration for all your sites from one dashboard.

Add your server root credentials and let Softaculous setup the required apps to install and run WordPress.

Add your Webuzo or cPanel hosting account credentials and choose the domain and install WordPress with one click. No manual steps required.

Note: We do not provide hosting services. We are a Cloud based control panel to manage your WordPress Apps.

Access Softaculous Cloud


Save your time and let Softaculous Cloud configure your servers. You can start building your WordPress website in minutes.
Manage all your WordPress installations from one dashboard.

Super Fast Server Setup

Just add your server credentials, we will install and configure the required apps automatically to run your website ultra fast.

Hosting Accounts

Already have a hosting account ? Just add the account credentials & you are all set.
Webuzo & cPanel accounts supported.

Automatic Backups

Auto Backups for your websites to ensure you have a safe copy in case anything goes wrong and you need to restore your site.

Optimized Configuration

Softaculous Cloud sets up secure & optimized configuration for all the apps to ensure that your website loads instantly.

MultiPHP Support

Run Multiple PHP versions on your system and switch between PHP versions on the fly by the click of a button.

Clone & Staging

Quickly spin up a staging instance to test upgrades or Clone an installation in just a click to create a new site from an existing installation.

Plugins & Themes Management

Upload and install plugins or themes from or by uploading zip. Upgrade, Activate, Deactivate or Delete plugins &  themes without having to login to WordPress

Plugins & Themes Sets

Create sets with chosen WordPress Plugins & Themes and choose to install the set while installing WordPress or bulk install Set to all existing installations with a click


Softaculous Cloud takes care of all the security aspects of your server from timely SSL certificate renewals to patching all apps.

Sandbox Websites

Create Sandbox websites for tests. Sandbox websites are short lived and are deleted after a week. You can Clone the sandbox site to a live domain with a click.

Powerful Dashboard

One single dashboard for all your WordPress websites. Manage Updates, Posts, Plugins, Themes & much more from a single page.

Object Cache

When you setup a VM via Softaculous Object Cache will be enabled for super fast loading of your WordPress websites

Gutenberg Blocks

Hundreds of ready to use Blocks compatible with Gutenberg for building your website in minutes using Gutenberg editor

Website Monitoring

Most outages last less than 5 mins. Our efficient monitoring system notifies you within seconds if your website goes offline.

Multilingual WordPress

WordPress can be installed in over 35+ languages like English, French German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and more

Safe and Secure

Softaculous is regularly audited by 3rd party auditors & the security patches are released immediately after the issue is discovered

Efficient and Light

Softaculous is well written and follows best coding practices so that it consumes minimal resources


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