Tale Caller Software


Tale Caller Software

Original price was: ₹259,999.00.Current price is: ₹17,999.00.

Valid Life Time

Unlimited Calls No Limit

2000 Calls Per day in 10 Hours



  • Daily calls above to 2000 Nos
  • Inbound and Out bound IVR Function
  • Bulk sms function available.
  • CRM and Call reminder function available.
  • Voice Recording function available for 5 years.
  • Contact Management system available.
  • Auto dialer function available.
  • Multiple voice option available
  • The facility to transfer the interested customer’s call to you at the time of automatic calling is available.
  • Facility to upload calling customer data through excel sheet is available.
  • Facility to download daily, weekly, monthly and annual calling reports in Excel is available.
  • The function of pressing multiple buttons is available in every voice.


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