How to install private cpanel server in pc in office

Over View of Server Setup

Hello, till now you were managing your work by taking only online hosting, but now you can set up your own hosting and also sell unlimited cPanel, Reseller Panel and Shared VPS Panel to unlimited customers. Let us understand today how we can sell our hosting online like a hosting company. What is its complete process?

How is WHM and cPanel server setup in our computer?

It is a matter of great happiness for you, where earlier setting up a server was very difficult, cost a lot, and for that one had to buy a dedicated rack server, run AC 24 hours, take lease line internet service, but now you will be very happy to know that you will not have to face many such challenges.

Now you can just get cPanel and WHM server installed in your ordinary computer.

Our company Top AI Hostclub OPC Private Limited has developed such software that will convert any computer into a server.

Where till now you were using Windows only in one computer, and were using it for a simple task. Now you can convert your computer into a server and earn a good income by selling hosting to many clients.

What should be the configuration of the computer to create a WHM and cPanel server?

Small Server [1TB – 5 TB Server]

  1. Server installation requires at least i5 6th generation computer hardware. If you want to build a 1 TB or 2 TB server, you can choose any system from i5 6th generation to i5 13th generation.
  2. The better the computer configuration, the faster your server will work and the more clients it will be able to handle easily.
  3. For a better server, you should use SSD or NVME SSD.

Business Server [5 TB – 15 TB Server]

  1. To build a 5 to 15 TB business server, you should have a computer from at least i7 13th generation to i9 13th generation.
  2. In this, you can use DDR 5 or at least DDR 4 RAM.
  3. For this you can install at least 32 GB of RAM and as much as your motherboard supports.
  4. General: You can increase or decrease the RAM anytime according to your usage.

Hosting Company Server [Server with more than 15 TB space]

  1. For this you can use i9 13th generation or motherboard and gaming processor used in games.
  2. If you want to build a server with more than 100 TB of space, then you should build a rack server, because a rack server is required to handle a load of more than 100 TB.
  3. In a rack server, you can install RAM and hard disk in bulk. With its help, you can easily run your hosting business on a large scale.

How much does it cost to build a server?

What is the cost of setting up a server, let’s understand that, here we will understand from both sides what will be the cost of setting up a server without hardware and with hardware.

If you provide hardware yourself to set up the server then our company will only charge for the software to set up the server.

Let’s understand what is the cost of only server software.

  1. Only the first time server setup cost will be Rs 20000, after this you can use that server for lifetime.
  2. In this, the license cost of WHM’s root panel and unlimited cPanel will be only Rs 12999 only once a year, in this license you can create unlimited cPanel from your server and sell it to unlimited customers.
  3. The annual cost of cPanel in a server up to 5 TB will be only Rs 12999, but if there is more space than that, the price of cPanel will increase by Rs 1000 per TB for every TB of space.

Important Software for Server Software

Server Software Cost without Hardware Cost